Wednesday, October 2, 2002

In Love with Tahaa Pearl Beach Resort

Ia Orana and greetings from the most beautiful resort we have found so far in our journeys in Tahiti.. We got up early today, Sept 30, at our resort on Bora Bora... overwater bungalow at the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort. After breakfast, we enjoyed massages in our Fare before packing and heading off to the airport, by boat. A short 10 minute flight from Bora Bora... we arrived on Raiatea, Tahiti's cultural and spiritual Island.
As I gaze at the "vanilla isle" from our motu resort - surely one of the wonders of the south pacific... the Tahaa Pearl Beach Resort. This resort sits on a motu... a small island that sits off of the main island of Tahaa. Let me see if I can give you an accurate account. To get here you fly to Raiatea. A 3 minute drive to the small boat harbor (where the Moorings boats are) and you are ready to head off to the Motu off of Tahaa. While we waited for our boat to leave for the resort (oh those unexpected delays), I fell in love with the little restaurant there at the Raiatea small boat harbor. It is very french with 2 big great danes to pet and talk to (if you miss your animals).... The menu looked "fabulous" and the Poisson Cru was the Chinese variety (we have learned) which has garlic and ginger in it. Oh yes... the boat ride to our little motu is a bit rough... and about 20 minutes +. Is it worth it all? If I could shout YES from French Polynesia you would hear it across the globe.
Okay... here is the scene.... I am sitting on our deck (Susan is in the hammock on the beach)... This deck, on our Tahaa View overwater bungalow, is to die for. This place is for lovers .... honeymooners.... romantics looking for ambiance of the south pacific kind. We arrived last evening in the dark and walked the long walkway to our Fare.... Sweet beyond compare so far in our travels... There is a huge picture window in front of the king size bed.. the side sliding glass window opens to a huge panoramic view to the left of the bed. The long glass table at the end of the bed opens to feed the little fishes - that are drawn to the light. There is a CD player, a bathtub that has a mirror that lets you see the view through the Fare... a natural stone/slate shower, 2 elevated sinks... polynesian petroglyph type carvings in the wood.... The HUGE picture window in front of the bed.... (did I say that twice). What a view - straight on... to the turquoise lagoon that surrounds this idyllic motu...
I have taken a zillion pictures of the horizon pool, hammocks that are waiting to have us relax on them... the swim up bar.. the lagoon calling us to swim, swim, swim.... Don't get me wrong, this is not heaven... it is just the next best thing to heaven! I kid you not.... The day begins with eyes opened wide at about 5am... The moon is glistening on the water - stars twinkling... I had to go out and relax in the most incredibly comfortable lounges ever enjoyed by a human body. You can bring up your knees, adjust your head.... and Susan meandered out to join me with blankets in hand and we watched the Paul Gauguin quietly move past our sweet delightful perfectly orchestrated resort in the soft pastel hours of early am... in French Polynesia. Soft moon beams... stars glistening... the lavishly beautiful green island of Tahaa in view. As the sun rose the sky turned pink.... and sure enough... it was time to take a dip. Brrrrrr.... not the warm bathtub water of summer but refreshing and.. well... refreshing.... Susan and I then put in about 30 minutes of power walking so we "keep in shape" in paradise. About 7:30 am our canoe breakfast arrived - continental with luscious fruits, french breads, fresh juice... All decorated with the most deliciously colored hibiscus - our outdoor table looked like a festive occasion... That brings me to the deck.... The deck is huge... room for 2 lounges with lots of room to spare. One of the features that we love about our deck is the covered little breakfast nook... And... it has a fan to use during the summer months when it is a bit warmer. Very insightful... as are so many things we are seeing here at the Tahaa Pearl Beach Resort.