Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Heavenly Fiji - JM Cousteau Fiji Resort - Melissa McCoy's review and Video

Staying at the JM Cousteau Fiji Resort in May of 2010 was one of the most relaxing experiences I had enjoyed in a couple years.  I stayed in both the Villa and their Honeymoon Bure with jacuzzi on the deck. The service and food were both spectacular.  In Melissa fashion, I packed up my kayak with a bottle of french champagne and paddled out to MY private island for a perfect late morning/early afternoon awaited me.  The resort boat came out and brought my massage therapist so I could receive a pampering massage under sway palms.  My picnic lunch was gourmet to say the least. I am looking forward to my return visit to this most enchanting Fiji resort.  Please don't be shy now, give us a ring at 1-800-588-3454 (in Hawaii) to find out about current and last minutes specials.
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Sota Tale (see you later)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Kona Village - So Amazing Hawaii's only Thatched Hut Experience!

Aloha!  What an incredibly serene place to relax!  Kona Village, on the Big Island of Hawaii, oozes relaxation with the sounds of the ocean all around and sassy palm fronds dancing in the breeze. Take a nap in your hammock, snorkel in their pristine cove, enjoy a massage in the oceanfront massage "hale". Whether a Family Vacation, much needed relaxing get away, a honeymoon or wedding, Kona Village brings the South Pacific to you without having to fly there!

The McCoy Travel gang had a really wonderful time together.  Sue and Mark both flew out from the east coast. Everyone had their family or good friends with them.  The Resort extended such amazing hospitality to us which is exactly what the staff extend to all guests.  I felt like I had stepped back in time, enjoying a small thatched hut resort warm and welcoming staff.  

We have exclusive offers and values at Kona Village.  All meals and many activities are included.  And we have even more in store for you.  Call us in Hawaii at 1-800-256-4280.
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Puunoa Luxury Beachfront Condo in Lahaina was AWESOME!

Aloha! Puunoa Beach Estates could be one of Maui's best kept secrets even though it has been part of our island for more years than I remember! This 2 story beachfront luxury condominium complex has 2 & 3 bedroom units, all beachfront, with sunset/island views to knock your socks off, the sound of the soothing ocean murmuring beyond the reef, and a turquoise lagoon not unlike many South Pacific beaches I have been on in my life. Contact us at 1-800-256-4280 here in Hawaii, 7 days a week for exclusive savings and values for Puunoa, as well as other fine vacation properties/resorts on all the islands of Hawaii. or email Visit our Agent Reviews to see where the McCoy Agents have been visiting and reviewing.
Stay tuned for many more Hawaii and Fiji blogs from my recent visits to fantastic resorts in both areas.
Have a wonderful September

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Aloha! I have just a few words to say about this really wonderful condo property I just stayed at, here on my island home of Maui. The Kaanapali Alii, 4 Star Condo, is smack dab in the heart of Kaanapali Resort. For some people, that may not be a good thing, but for those that enjoy being within walking distance to shopping (Whaler's Village is almost next door) and a very eclectic array of dining options, this resort is in the PERFECT location. The new pools (pictured here) really changed the feel of this property. There is even a "quiet pool" for those folks who prefer not to have kids in the pool they are enjoying. Another GREAT touch. Each unit is decorated by it's owner so no 2 are alike. The Premium units have more upgrades and are highly recommended (by me :)
The Alii (as we call it), is operated like a hotel with a bellman, daily maid service, room service provided by the Westin (a limited menu but not bad at all), 2 spa treatment rooms (operated by the Westin) that are located in their NEW and fantastic gym, AND signing privileges at the Westin and Marriott (both next door to the Kaanapali Alii). The facial I received while I was there was fantastic (and I receive quite a few facials in my work).

Okay, this was just a NEWSFLASH. Now back to my Fiji reviews.. Namale Resort & Spa is next. And then.. watch for another NEWSFLASH about Maui's Puunoa Luxury Condo in Lahaina, right on the ocean!

See you later. And be sure to call us here in Hawaii for ever changing exclusive offers for Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti and much more 1-800-256-4280.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Epic Fiji Journey - Namale Resort & Spa

Namale Resort & Spa, my Fijian Garden of Eden, holds a special place in my heart. We had stumbled upon this gem way back in 1992 (before Travel Agency), and spent 4 lovely nights at this, then, 6 Bure resort in the jungle on the ocean. There was not much else in Savu Savu in those days. We drove up in a 4 wheel drive rental jeep, parked, and never left the resort for 4 nights. That was in 1992. My visit this time was 18 years later, and I can quite honestly say, that even though there have been an incredible amount of changes over the years, it still feels the same to me.
I have visited Namale Resort & Spa often over the last 18 years. Each time, I spend a bit of time trying to locate my/our "farewell" stone, the cement block you write in (wet), upon your departure, and placed somewhere on the grounds of the resort. Inevitably, I find some of my staffs "moce stones" (moce - pronounced Moe -they and means goodbye). This time I spent little time looking for the past, as my future lay ahead, at the Duvata Grand Villa. All of those hot days at the outdoor conference, and the last 3 years (it had been that long since I had visited), I have been dreaming of Duvata :)

Stay tuned-I'll be back later to add to this post. I have to scoot to Kaanapali. I have alot to say about Namale and it's all great! One tip I would like to give you here is PLEASE be sure to back up your computer back up (yes, double back up). Unfortunately, both my laptop harddrive and back up drive went south a few days ago, so pictures will be a little late in coming. I have no choice but to PAY to have my hard drive scanned, or my 5 weeks in Fiji, a photo journey, won't be the same. Sota Tale.. see you later. Melissa

Monday, July 5, 2010

Days 4-8, Bula Fiji Conference

Days 4-8, Work Work Work! As I had known all along, the stay at the Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa was all about work and not play as it was our working hotel for the Bula Fiji conference we attended (one of my staff, Mike Brown, and myself). Up every morning, sneak in some emails and off to the Conference, outdoors, under the hot sun, in the almost perfect bone dry weather that Denarau is known for (great weather for a vacation but ?? an 8 hour outside conference?). Personally, indoors and air conditioning would have worked very well for me, a 50 something woman, experiencing.... well.... Gosh, is it hot in here or is it me? :) No such luck. Every 15 minutes, the bell dings and we have to move on to the next booth.. another resort or something even more exciting (truly), the zip line booth with video footage of the next "day adventure" I want to enjoy in Fiji! Boy oh Boy, I do love to zipline (we have 5 on Maui, 5 on Kauai and 1 on the Big Island) and now Fiji has 2 of them! Don't get me wrong. I LOVE visiting all of the resort booths. Most are from Fiji, but I make a point to visit the booths from Samoa, Tahiti, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Vanuatu, Cook Islands and.. American Samoa and Tuvalu......... If you have ever heard of the fabulous pacific rock group, Tevaka, then you are familiar with a wee bit of that culture through music. I adore Tevaka music and their music DVD. I am an islander at heart. Okay back to business! Sofitel..
I really like the Sofitel and try to stay there every time I'm coming through Denarau, if possible. The rooms are comfortable and updated. The Spa is wonderful and I love the breakfast Buffet (with the strolling Fijian Serenaders) and V restaurant (fine dining). Mostly, I love the people that work there. And even though this trip was a working conference, I liked it as much as ever.

Day 8-10, Namale Resort & Spa, The Garden of Eden revisited--next!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fabulous Fiji - It feels good to be home!

Bula and Vinaka for joining me while I fondly reminisce about my recent Epic Journey to and through the delightful Fiji Islands. 35 nights in Paradise.

Day 1 -
I was late leaving my house to get to the airport. A 1 hour drive "if" there are no traffic issues, just happens to be one of my favorite drives on Maui. I try not to be late when driving from/to my home/home office, so I can relax and enjoy the panoramic vista of Maui's valley. Rolling hills, dotted with horses, grazing cattle and sheep, Norfolk pines and the stately West Maui Mountains surrounded by the sparkling crystal blue ocean on 3 sides and now, this time of year, much of the upper Haleakala Hwy is lined with the breathtaking purple blossoms of the Jacaranda trees. Leaving home to travel to far off destinations can be bittersweet. I have to pinch myself at the beauty before me. However, once I am on the big plane that will transport me to the Happy Smiley Fiji Isles, the subtle shift in gears begins. My breathing slows and I can feel my insides start to glow with soft remembering, anticipation, and I say my Fiji prayer, "Thank you for bringing me home, to Fiji, where my spirit and Fiji's are kindred in so many ways. Vinaka, Amene"

When I first step foot off the plane, and the fresh air caresses my face, I smell the softness and the exotic fragrance in the air, I know I am home. Those smells swiftly waft to my brain, where all of the wonders of my 50++ past trips to Fiji have been catalogued. YES! I love this first breath of fresh Fiji air. Moving right along, I stop to purchase 2 bottles of Fiji Rum from Duty Free. One bottle is for Panto, who use to be my driver, with Rosie's Tours, while I was "in town" in Nadi. Although Panto has moved on to be the main driver for the Intercontinental Natadola, we are still in contact and I bring him Rum, which he and his wife enjoy sipping together and "relaxing" :) The second bottle is for me to take with me while I travel in Fiji. I have been doing this for nearly 20 years. The older I get the worse the Rum tastes. This may have been the last year for me to hang on to this tradition. Once out of Immigration/Customs, Rosie's Tours is waiting to greet me with a flower garland (Salu Salu), big smiles and to whoosh me off the my first hotel, The Westin Fiji at Denarau Island .

The Westin use to be the Regent Fiji, back in the beginning of time (well, my time traveling to Fiji). The Westin has maintained it's understated elegance (Regent Fiji years) with the use of Fiji dark woods and many artifacts strewn throughout the lobby. The Regent was the first resort I stayed at my first time in Fiji in 1986. The swim up pool bar looks as inviting as ever and the general feel of the resort is lovely. And I do LOVE those Heavenly Beds! Although I did not go to the Spa this time, they have done a super job in creating a unique Spa environment with some excellent treatments. This was a quick stay for me as I was off early in the AM to Castaway Island Resort.

In 1986, I journeyed from the Regent Fiji to Castaway, just like I was planning on this trip. However, today we were driving to Denarau Marina to catch the ferry, Tiger cat 4. In 1986 the boat came right up to beach in front the Regent and picked us up to take us to Castaway. I enjoyed the 1.5 hour ferry ride in the Captains Lounge with A/C. I do enjoy my air conditioning mixed with fresh air :)

I've been to Castaway a few times over the last 20 years. I really like their current upgrades and colors in the Bures, etc. Castaway is small enough to give it the charm that is expected with small boutique resorts in Fiji, and big enough to have plenty to do to keep everyone happy. My Bure was extremely comfortable with great breezes (and Air conditioning as needed), comfy beds, nice views of the gorgeous ocean and beach (I was in an oceanview bure). I was especially impressed with the evening Dining experience and think that Castaway has really upgraded to new levels in the F&B department. I did not have time to indulge in the Spa, but I have heard good things about it and think the garden location offers serenity and privacy.
Overall, in my quick one night "site inspection", Castaway is a fantastic small resort, lovely views of the outer islands (One of them is where Tom Hanks filmed in "Castaway"), great ocean for playing and ocean recreation (including hobie cats), super friendly staff and management (that are a reflection of the owner of the resort), excels at balancing the great family vacation experience and those on a romantic holiday. The only problem is that I was not there long enough to really dig in and truly get to know the resort. I'm sure we will make my next visit to Castaway, a longer stay. On this trip, I was able to enjoy 3 resorts for extended stays. Keep your eyes peeled for JM Cousteau Resort (5 nights) , Taveuni Island Resort (9 nights) and Matagi Island Resort (4 nights).

Next: Mana Island Resort and Spa.
The short boat ride from Castaway to Mana gave me a chance to enjoy the ocean and views of the outer islands in the Mamanuca Island Group. There are lots of stunning reefs in this area and many shades of blues and greens. I love my Maui Jim Polarized sunglasses as it makes this fabulous scenery completely awe inspiring with my sunglasses on. Oh, what would life be without polarized sunglasses? Upon arrival at Mana, I was swooped away to be massaged at their new Spa. I was Wow'd as I entered the Spa area with 4 Spa Thatched Bures (bungalow treatment rooms) in a lily pond setting with gigantic towering trees providing shade. It was a gorgeous setting. My massage was quite good and all of the facilities were new and modern.

Mana's beaches and snorkeling were the best kept secret but the word is getting out. South Beach is on the windward side, so it tends to be a little cooler (because of the wind). The Honeymoon Bures are on this beach. I LOVE the Honeymoon Bures. The evening dining experience at South Beach Restaurant is my favorite. I thoroughly enjoyed the outside deck for the breakfast buffet on North Beach. For walking and snorkeling at high tide, Sunset Beach is incredible. My stay at Mana was only one night so I was not able to relax into the resort and get to know it better. However, I can say that Mana has some excellent values and nicely upgraded rooms, Bures and dining.

NOTE: We have some wonderful exclusive vacation offers to all of these resorts and most resorts/villas in Fiji. IF we can find space! It seems that Fiji is selling out all the way through September, October! Call us, yesterday, 1-800-588-3454 (in Hawaii), or email us at, so you don't miss the boat for your Fiji Vacation. If you are looking at 2010 or early 2011, for Fiji or Tahiti (even Hawaii), don't wait. We have a couple resorts/villas in Fiji that are sold out through March 2011! VISIT US AT or