Friday, July 9, 2010

Epic Fiji Journey - Namale Resort & Spa

Namale Resort & Spa, my Fijian Garden of Eden, holds a special place in my heart. We had stumbled upon this gem way back in 1992 (before Travel Agency), and spent 4 lovely nights at this, then, 6 Bure resort in the jungle on the ocean. There was not much else in Savu Savu in those days. We drove up in a 4 wheel drive rental jeep, parked, and never left the resort for 4 nights. That was in 1992. My visit this time was 18 years later, and I can quite honestly say, that even though there have been an incredible amount of changes over the years, it still feels the same to me.
I have visited Namale Resort & Spa often over the last 18 years. Each time, I spend a bit of time trying to locate my/our "farewell" stone, the cement block you write in (wet), upon your departure, and placed somewhere on the grounds of the resort. Inevitably, I find some of my staffs "moce stones" (moce - pronounced Moe -they and means goodbye). This time I spent little time looking for the past, as my future lay ahead, at the Duvata Grand Villa. All of those hot days at the outdoor conference, and the last 3 years (it had been that long since I had visited), I have been dreaming of Duvata :)

Stay tuned-I'll be back later to add to this post. I have to scoot to Kaanapali. I have alot to say about Namale and it's all great! One tip I would like to give you here is PLEASE be sure to back up your computer back up (yes, double back up). Unfortunately, both my laptop harddrive and back up drive went south a few days ago, so pictures will be a little late in coming. I have no choice but to PAY to have my hard drive scanned, or my 5 weeks in Fiji, a photo journey, won't be the same. Sota Tale.. see you later. Melissa