Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aloha my friends.....

Maui Summer Sunsets are back and they make your hearts skip a beat! The sunset on the top was taken from approximately the same area in August of 2007 and the one on the bottom was taken last night, July 20, 2009. What is it about sunsets that we love so very very much?
I think it is because they are passionate and the colours meet our eyes and cause our soul to be excited about life! They make us feel good. Endorphins maybe? Are sunsets addicting? Will we travel 1-2-3 hours to go sit and watch a sunset, in any number of "her" moods? And then, those that live on the east coast (let's say Hana) or the Hamakua Coast on the Big Island, swear by sunrises. Not only that, they say sunrises are much more spectacular! Well, I'm a sunset girl (but give me a Hana sunrise anytime and watch NEXT for some spectacular photos of Hana Easter Sunrise at Fagan's Cross from 2007). When I work with a McCoyTravel.com client, I am motivated to talk to them about being able to see sunsets from where they are staying. It's a "me" thing. Going to Bora Bora? Sunset over Otemanu or out to sea, or none at all?
Have a fabulous day. For those of us who live in Hawaii, we say "Lucky we live Hawaii". For those that don't, by all means, come on over and fall in love with the Island of Aloha, whether Maui, Oahu, The Big Island, Lanai or Kauai.
Fond Tropical Regards