Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mele Kalikimaka from Bora Bora

Ia Orana,
This week will go far too quickly as far as I’m concerned! However... I cannot imagine being any other place!
Sheraton Tahiti had many Christmas trees in a “fund raising christmas tree decorating contest” so the lobby and general feel was festive. We had a little rain... Off I flew to Raiatea to take a boat to Tahaa Private Island.. more rain, However.. When You see the photos that I took in Tahaa you will see why I just about cried 2 times with joyful thanksgiving for being in one of the most GORGEOUS bungalows in Tahiti. The feel, the view of the main island of Tahaa and more. The Tahaa pictures, even thought not sunny, will dazzle you. Helicopter to Bora Bora Nui (very neat) ...more rain, 2 hours of some sun. This resort is a winner all the way around. They are warm and fuzzy around here! Christmas eve is the celebration with a special Mgrs cocktail party and great dancing by .. The dancers.
I was invited to join the Rooms Mgr and his wife and Pool Manager for dinner. Lovely, fun, incredible french wine ... We laughed a lot and I’m assured that life is very very good.
Today.. more rain! So I’m doing postcards, christmas cards. and doing LOTS of photo/video uploading. Room service breakfast. Massage in my room at 5pm (I think!).
Tomorrow is to the Bora Bora Pearl and then 2 nights at Moorea Pearl. The spa menu’s at both of the properties look fabulous. Even with rain, it’s so very lovely here. There is lots of space here now. I think they sold out for New Years.
Okay.. Back to writing postcards.
Hope you all are having a beautiful day and week.
Love Melissa