Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Epic Journey in Fiji - 35 days

Bula Vinaka!

Now that I am back from my 35 days in Fiji, I've had some time to catch my breath, review my pictures, get a little caught up, and start from the beginning to share with you how incredible my epic journey in Fiji was. Yes, it was mostly a work journey, filled with lots of moving around and connecting with the Staff/Mgmt/Owners of resorts in Fiji. That is, afterall, what I do. But who can argue with the wonderful experiences, really neat people, dining delights (food is SO important), sensational eclectic beauty and overall knowledge that were mine, after 12 resorts, and 35 days? Add 5 more resorts that I sight inspected and I had a pretty busy schedule, overall. It all started with a 2.5 week plan to attend the annual Bula Fiji conference in Nadi, which included a few extra days in Fiji. I REALLY had wanted to be in Fiji longer, but these are busy times, keeping ahead of the economy, and I could not fathom how I could stay any longer. My staff had been to Fiji more than I had over the last 2 years, so we were kept up to date on all things Fiji. Now it was my turn. Little did I know what was to come. I can guarantee you that it was not only good for the company, but GOOD for me, and infused me with the pizzaz that my job requires! I love doing lots of fun activities, relaxing and doing nothing, sampling culinary delights, and watching how other guests are enjoying their stay at the various resorts I am staying at. And, I love taking photos of everything standing still. And if it is NOT standing still, I'll video it :)

The original plan was this........ 1 night Westin Denarau, 1 night Castaway, 1 night Mana, 4 nights Sofitel, 2 nights Namale, 3 nights JM Cousteau, 2 nights Vatulele and 1 night Intercontinental Natadola.

Stand by, as this is the beginning of the beginning, of my 35 days in Fiji. The next post will be about the Westin Fiji, Castaway Island Resort in the Mananuca Islands and Mana Island Resort and Spa, covering my first 3 nights in Fiji. Don't be surprised if you find yourself face to face with a little Coconut Culture poetry, photos, video and other misc meanderings which I am known for. Sota Tale (see you later) Moce (goodbye) Melisha (how they say my name in Fiji)
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