Friday, June 11, 2010

Taveuni Sunset Honeymoon Villa Video

Bula from what feels like heaven in the Fiji Islands! I've been on the island of Taveuni for 9 nights (including tonight). All I can say (and there will be much more to come), is I'm smitten and never want to leave!! Tomorrow I move on to Taveuni Palms for 2 nights and then to Matangi for 4 nights where they are going to lovingly re-introduce me to scuba diving (it's been about 4-5 years since I have been diving). I've been in Fiji for 4 weeks and have been remiss with my reviews and sharing. Don't fret, I'll get around to sharing ALL of it with you SOON. In the last 4 weeks I have been to the following resorts: Castaway, Mana, Sofitel, Westin, 2 nights at Namale, 5 nights at JM Cousteau, 2 nights at the new Intercontinental Fiji at Natadola, 2 nights at Qamea, 9 nights at Taveuni Island Resort. After 4 weeks here in Fiji, I finally bought a wireless Cell card and have been on the go with pretty good access for posting my reviews, etc. Stay tuned if you would like to find out about all of the properties and areas I have visited AND some of the very EXCLUSIVE RATES/values we have for you at many of these incredible resorts. Many resorts ARE selling out in June-October so don't wait to give us a call in Hawaii at 1-800-588-3454 or email Of course visit our website: Enjoy my little video below and come back often for more of Fabulous Fiji including my jungle trek and waterfall adventure a few days ago. Vinaka for visiting! Sota Tale (See you later) Melissa