Tuesday, September 24, 2002

2002 Bora Bora - Bali Hai Birthday trip

Bora Bora - Bali Hai is calling....
My last update was just before the Motu Picnic lunch off of Tahaa yesterday. Here is how our wonderful time in Tahiti is progressing... The Motu Picnic was a success! Why? Food was... delicious. The mai tai punch they served in large fresh green coconuts (that floated by the way) seemed to be a hit - second to the .... floating bar. I have never seen so many people have so much fun while hanging out in the water. You can kayak up to the floating bar or walk/wade up to it. He does move around but he is only one and you have well over 100 people tooling around. I was wrong when I thought I could be on my floating mat. NOTE: bring your own floating mat. They do not provide you with this item so bring your own blow up mat. In fact, the word is from a fellow passenger... ANY cruise you take to a sun and fun destination requires that you pack your own blow up raft. Take note... I am and will bring one when I return to go on the WindSong (sorry - I must return and try all ships).
We had a delightful dinner with 6 other delightful people. I love the larger table environment, as you meet people you would never meet otherwise. We can always dine alone... why not get to meet some nice folks and broaden our horizons... Susan and I had a great time... After dinner we went to the magic show of sorts and then retired early... 11:00pm...
Leaping out of bed at 5:30am... I put my work out clothes on and went for a walk on the treadmill before the line formed (a very popular exercise venue). The deck was a little wet (it has been raining in the evenings and early mornings). Suz slept in, I walked and then had a cup of coffee and read in the lounge. At 7:30 am sharp, back at our stateroom, breakfast was served on our veranda. Susan and I stayed on the ship all day today. We both had a massage in the AM. Pool time was required before a really tasty lunch in Le Grill. Then more pool time and off to our facials. Take a nap, feel refreshed and time for sunset on the Pool Deck while chatting with new friends.
One of the things I love the most about visiting tropical destinations is being able to "sport" my favorite tropical clothes. Sorry... it's in the genetic pre-disposition. My mother loved fashion and I try to follow in her footsteps. I get to wear my favorite pareo's, tropical print dresses and... my barefoot sandals. Once I break out these items it is confirmed... I AM on vacation.
Well.. I have to go now... It's time to dress for dinner. It is Pareo night.... and I have a drawer of my favorites to choose from. Mmmmmm... what shall I wear?
Tomorrow... Susan and Melissa's great adventure is a Waverunner excursion (I get to drive first) all the way around the island. Birthday countdown... 2 days to go... Until tomorrow we remain... tan and happy.
'Aita pe'ape'a (no worries)Melissa McCoy and side kick Susan