Thursday, September 26, 2002

Happy Birthday to Me! Tahiti!

Happy Birthday to Melissa! My husband had sent us 2 bottles of fine french champagne which we had in the in room refrigerator. In the Susan/Melissa birthday tradition... we ordered room service and proceeded to enjoy our champagne as we sat on our balcony - traveling to the island of Moorea. It was another perfect day - the deep blue sea wild with white caps as the tropical wind picked up velocity. I could not help but giggle inside - I was sitting on a balcony room on a ship in the south pacific. Sometimes you just have to giggle! As we approched Moorea we were awestruck at its beauty. I had been to Moorea a couple of years before with my husband and thought it was beautiful then but this.... was stunning. The jagged peaks jutting out from behind sculpted mountains... The two bays here cut deep into this side of the island and add to the overall dramatic setting. On deck, it was the Mai Tai party to celebrate our arrival to this inviting island. We put on our bathing suits and enjoyed our cruise mates and tahitian music and dance on deck.
Our schedule today included... lunch in Le Grill (the food is so fresh, varied and delicous .. I SWEAR I have been eating 92 1/2 % healthy!), a 1 1/2 hour massage, kayaking off of the "platform" off the back of the boat and a nap. That's it.. We did not leave the boat. The ship is moored in Cook's Bay and it has to be, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the most gorgeous settings in the South Pacific. I am pretty much a land lubber and the thought of an overwater bungalow fits my personality type to a "t".... But this ship, the casual elegant pampering floating hotel called the Paul Gauguin, has so much to offer... I can see why 2 sets of passengers are on the ship for the second week in a row. Just to add to this... EVERYONE we talk to that are cruisers say that this is one of the best if not the best cruise that they have ever been on... (I just had to get in a quick commerical).
The evening meal was in the main dining room and we met more new people that we thoroughly enjoyed. The nightly show was a couple performing a couple different acts... one which required audience participation. Yes, you guessed it... they picked me! And wouldn't you know.. they adorned me with a tahitian dance outfit - head lei, coconut bra and grass skirt. It was a mime skit and I found myself having to dance the hula and then be swept off my feet (yes - literally). I became the star of the show when my coconut bra slipped down to my waist!!! I had my clothes on but still... you would have had to been there! It was so much fun... I didn't mind looking like a fool. We took a stroll on deck to count the stars, feel the sweet balmy air .. was counting our blessings. It had been a beautiful day.
Today is Friday and I have already been to the gym. Susan and I will have a hearty breakfast and then we are off to rent a car and do some shopping and circle the island. I hope you won't mind if I tell you that it is absolutely beautiful outside and we are going to enjoy it. (just a note: I am in the Card Room which is where the 2 computers are housed for customers to send email. They only send emails at night - so don't think that you can "communicate" in real time. You CANNOT access the internet so you cannot pickup your personal email from hotmail or yahoo or... There are 2 big picture windows here - so I am being reminded that I have to get going. To make a phone call from the ship costs $15 a minute (ouch!). I have bought phone cards (about 7 minutes for $10) and will attempt to use them today on shore. I tried it on Bora Bora but it did not work. No doubt... telephone operator error on my part!
We are going to stop at the Moorea Beachcomber to see... if we can make reservations to do the Shallow Water Dolphin Experience when we return to Moorea in a few days. We will then go to the Sheraton to pick up a Spa Menu and a ... Pillow Menu. We will be staying at the Sheraton our last night in Tahiti. You might be wondering what a Pillow Menu is.... Hold that thought...
Until we meet again...Melissa