Friday, September 27, 2002

Tahiti 2002 with Melissa McCoy

It is bright and early on the morning after my birthday. We've had a couple fun and relaxing days. I am so relaxed I am wondering if I can remember when one day ended and the next began...
Wednesday found us sleeping in until... 7am! The beds on the ship are very comfortable and the curtains in our balcony room close to keep out the light. We decided to have our breakfast in Le Veranda - the ships fine dining room. It is full of light and delicious items on the buffet (for lunch too!). At 10:30 they started taking people over to the Motu (small island) for a swim in turquoise waters. It is a stunning beach - the ideal setting for sand between your toes and to practice up on your floating skills! Susan and I did our "laps" on the beach and then returned to the ship to prepare for our Waverunner Circle Island Tour. It was a perfectly perfect day on Bora Bora. A soft breeze swept over the ship as palms on shore sparkled with sunbeams dancing on wind tossed fronds... It's hard to get off the ship as the views of the whole bay are stunning. The Staff take care of your every whim. It is a floating 6 star hotel. So... off to my first try on a waveski... After a 5 minute lesson we (2 Waverunners and our guide) took off across the blue lagoon to circumnavigate the island. We stopped a couple of times to stand in knee high water, lather up a little more with sunscreen and shake out the initial tightness in the muscles. Then off to a Motu (there are only about 30+ of them around Bora Bora) where our guide husked coconuts for us, offer the milk and then proceeded to shred the meat for us to taste. I did not know... that there are male and female coconuts! He might have been pulling our legs... The male coconut sprouts from the side. The female from the top of the coconut and is... surprise.. sweeter to the taste. Of course us girls thought that was appropriate. We continued our journey completely around the island and now... I know where every resort is on the island and her Motu's. I must return and try out a couple other resorts here. The Le Meridien and the Sofitel Coralia Motu look especially interesting.
Susan and I will return here on the 28th and stay 2 nights at the Bora Bora Lagoon (an Orient Express Hotel). We ate dinner in Le Grill - on deck. A little night life and we were ready to hit the hay!