Thursday, September 19, 2002

2002 Birthday Adventure in French Polynesia

Ia Orana ....
Just in case this is your first time tuning in to my birthday adventure reviews.... Susan, my best friend of 30 years on the island of Maui, and I have been traveling together in one fashion or another for almost the whole time we have known each other. Starting in 1976 it was hiking and camping (we had no money), we graduated to camper camping in the islands, Yosemite, river rafting down the Colorado, kayaking the Napali coast on Kauai (4 days), camping on the Napali coast (in luxury with drop off and pick up - a full kitchen/coolers and the whole 9 yards), a Caribbean cruise 7 years ago and then our first official birthday trip to Europe in 2000. We spent almost 3 weeks laughing our way through France and Italy.... the Orient Express, Venice, small semi luxury inns, 4 days at a wine spa in Bordeaux.... lost luggage, regular gas in a diesel car (use your imagination), I drank susan's contact lenses (silly girl put them in a glass of water the night we had no luggage) and the incredible number of round abouts that we usually had to go around 3 times in order to figure out which way to go. In the Champagne region we stayed in a castle hotel and took a hot air balloon to celebrate our birthdays (we are 6 days apart). So this is how it all really started and now we have decided that it is a tradition. We enjoyed Fiji last year (we altered our plans from Bali) and were treated like queens. Vatulele, Wakaya, Namale and the delightful eco resort Moody's Namena (5 days of loving life and nature). Susan and I had also enjoyed 2 other Fiji trips together. The first 3 years ago as we did the one night at each resort circuit. This is when we discovered that Susan liked to site inspect. We had a blast! Last year Susan came down to Fiji for 5 nights to J.M. Cousteau resort to "experience" their duo massages, facials, and the massage/ picnic on the private little island offshore, kayak to the ocean from salt lake.... and as much as we could cram into 5 days.
You might be asking where is my husband through all of this? Well.... he is growing fine herbs and micro-greens for Maui hotels and gourmet restaurants on our 2 acres in upcountry Maui. We travel 2-3 times a year as well. He is not as keen on having me lug my computer around with me or taking 1-2 hours a day writing reviews. However, this year I am hoping to sneak some reviews out..... We go to New Zealand every year and keep discovering new and wonderful aspects of this wonderful country.
Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy Susan's and my 2002 Birthday Adventure in French Polynesia.... Tahiti!
Maruru Roa